Skills Group for Social Anxiety (self-pay)

Social Anxiety Recovery group is for people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. The is focused on the treatment of social anxiety with Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), DBT, and Schema Therapy in a group setting. Social Anxiety recovery group is designed to help you practice new ways of dealing with situations that might lead to anxiety. In a safe group environment, you are encouraged to confront your anxiety and change the way you think and feel about certain social circumstances. The helps you to become a health adult and helps you to build health relationships with others. The group is ongoing group that meets weekly.

When and How much? And Where?

  • Social Anxiety Recovery Group meets weekly ( Friday 10:00am - 11:30am)
  • It is limited to 8 clients maximum
  • Cost: $ 60
  • Age: Adults
  • Where: 12741 Research Blvd Suite: 301, Austin. TX78759

What is the content of the group? What do members actually learn?

The groups focus;

  • Mindfulness - A “core” DBT skill, mindfulness involves paying attention, in the moment, non- judgmentally to live your life in a deliberate manner.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness - Attend to your needs and improve relationships
  • Emotion Regulation - Learn the function of emotions and improve your ability to describe, change, and cope effectively, rather than let emotions control you.
  • Distress Tolerance - Manage crises without making your problems worse

- Schema Therapy Approach -

  • Identifying and resolving self-defeating life patterns and deeply rooted emotional themes,
  • Building resiliency and productive responses to life challenges, and
  • Drawing out and enabling the strong parts of your personality.
  • Cultivating Health Adult Mode