Trauma Recovery Group

Trauma Recovery Group is to support and to empower individuals affected by abuse, neglect, abandonment, enmeshment, has low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and other issues that hinder personal growth, relationships and vocational effectiveness. You may or may not have a diagnosis of mental health or substance use disorders, and may experience addiction, neglect, abuse or any type of childhood trauma, acquire social and emotional habits and patterns that no longer work in adulthood. Survival behaviors are such as compulsive caretaking, martyring, scapegoating, controlling, people-pleasing, and approval-seeking. Trauma Recovery group is ongoing group that meets weekly on Thursday evening. (male and female mixed group)


Group Details

Issues: Low self esteem, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, Depression, lack of coping Skills, Relationship Issues
Treatment Orientation: Dialectical (Schema Therapy, DBT & CBT, & Attachment theory)
Age: Adults
Group meet: Every Thursday 5pm- 6:30pm.

12741 Research Blvd Suite 301. Austin, Texas 78759

Session Cost


Contact: (512) 229-6913